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The NBA , where chaos happens

Move over Barnum & Bailey and make way for the NBA , as described by my wife who had an 18-year hiatus between attending NBA events.

Our evening commenced with a nubile female dance troupe, appealing to the male libido and giving attendees the semblance of a gentleman's club without the cover charge. There was electronic techno-music and strobe lights with a warning sign for all those prone to seizures along with individuals with imbalance, vertigo and Meniere's disease.

From time to time, small plastic basketballs and T-shirts were hurled to those in attendance as customers dived over and elbowed their neighbor positioning themselves for a possible ephemeral souvenir. There was also a dirigible that would drop pieces of paper that little ones clamored for that probably read thanks for trampling your brother or sister just to get this unimportant piece of colored paper.

The mascot rode inside the arena on a gas-engined motorcycle potentially asphyxiating those who were told not to smoke within the premises.

The crowd was comprised of text-messagers and cellular phone callers, runway fashionistas, social conversationalists and those trying to set the Guinness World Record for most alcohol consumed within a 2 1/2-hour NBA Basketball game.

As if watching the game were not enough, there was a humanoid roaming the floor pretending to be a basket, encouraging people to throw miniature basketballs at his head from three-point land, young men soaring off trampolines as they slam-dunked basketballs into the hoop from 10 feet over the rim, contests to identify which grill held the perfectly broiled bratwurst and which infrequently heard Neil Diamond lyrics were next in sequence.

Heck, T-shirts entitled "Extreme-Fan" were awarded to four in attendance who actually spent the entire evening filling out 1,000 NBA all-star ballots. These I am sure are the same guys who really enjoyed writing "I can't believe how much I love reiterating the same thing" 500 times on the blackboard in fourth grade

What happened with just going to the Basketball game and watching with keen intent . . . maybe even scoring the game? What happened to people who actually sit in their seat the whole game instead of spending more time out of it than in it? What happened to care and concern for the person next to you?

Ed Anhalt

Fox Point

How about some love for the new Bucks?

I couldn't help but notice today (Nov. 25) that the front pages of both the national news and sports sections of the Journal Sentinel mentioned game results for the Badgers and the Packers but not for the Bucks.

The Packers are, well, the Packers, so that's understandable. But since when is the University of Wisconsin-Madison men's Basketball team more important than Milwaukee's professional Basketball team?

Bucks coverage began all the way down on Page 6C. That they lost again was no reason to hide the results. Sure, the Bucks aren't burning up the league, but the season is young and I, at least, have confidence in the new management team. Both the new general manager and coach are proven, experienced winners and defense, apparently, has finally become a priority.

And there's still time to trade both Michael Redd and Charlie Villanueva. Neither of them gets it.

Jeff Szymanski


Baseball union throws a curve

Isn't it ironic that the baseball players union, a chief advocate for free agency, which allows a player to choose where he wants to play, is now "urging" C.C. Sabathia to play only where he can get the richest contract?

Tom Kasper


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Added: November 30, 2008


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