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News » Full Court Press 2009-09-19

Full Court Press 2009-09-19

Full Court Press  2009-09-19Allen Iverson believes Detroit Pistons didn't deliver on promises

Justin Rogers | Sept. 13

Allen Iverson has a delusional, revisionist view on how he spent last season. In Iverson's mind he was the victim. The victim of the a deceitful Detroit Pistons organization.

In an interview with the Memphis Commercial Appeal, Iverson's business manager Gary Moore said the Detroit Pistons lied about what Iverson's role would be with the Pistons .

September 13, Memphis Commercial Appeal: According to Moore, Iverson had been told that he would be the leader of the team when he arrived, and that was not what played out. The players were upset that the front office had traded away Chauncey Billups, Moore said. Iverson was persona non grata before he even showed up.

"Allen couldn't do anything about that," Moore said. "When you lie to him, that affects him."


"They were up front with him," Moore said. "When he sat down and met with them eye-to-eye, he said, 'I was just lied to, and it almost destroyed my career. What do you guys want from me? If you want me to just come here and sell tickets, you've got the wrong guy. If I come here, I want to win.'"

This is downright laughable. Did Iverson really expect to be the leader by default?

Leadership isn't assigned, it is earned.

Iverson could have been a leader in Detroit last year, but he fell far short. A leader doesn't miss a November practice when he's still learning to play with his new team, a leader doesn't reject a bench role after one game by declaring that they would rather retire and a leader doesn't reject conforming his style of play to mesh with his new team.

Remember in his introductory press conference where Iverson claimed his goal was to win an NBA championship and he'd do whatever his coach asked him to do.

I don't care what the Pistons promised Allen Iverson because it's pretty obvious he failed to live up to his promises to the organization and its fans.


Posted by FL420Lion

Man this guy came in here and they feed him the ball and missed a ton of open shots. Thats all he need to do was score and couldn't do that. Good Bye Thank You

Posted by Louiethefan

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

This guy was and is a bad joke.

Always was and always will be a punk piece of garbage.

When he retires having never won a championship I'm sure that he will find a way to blame someone else. The truth is that selfish, ball-hogging, cancers don't win for a reason.

Posted by leathercouch

i liked the idea of bringing iverson in. chauncey was great but he got complacent.

iverson was hungry and had a chip on his shoulder. but like he has before it was all about him. i thought for a second he could have maybe looked past that to win a championship. but i was wrong...

i wish him the best of luck in his future. he is very fun to watch but he needs to mature on the court. he did it a little in denver and i though detroit could have helped with that. i was wrong.

Author: Fox Sports
Author's Website:
Added: September 19, 2009


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